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Divine Solar's Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services in Des Moines

Each year, 3,600,000 Americans miss important medical appointments due to poor transportation coordination.


Don't be one of those Americans. Missing your appointment today can be very disappointing and we don't want that. Health-wise, the consequences can be dire; not to mention your wasted time and effort by not arriving there on time should you have managed to get there at all.

For your next appointment, do away with all these by availing of our NEMT service. Our reliable drivers will deliver you door-to-door safely and with utmost care about your condition. Vehicles that are also wheelchair-friendly that may be accommodated with other equipment can be made available for your convenience.

Transportation doesn't have to be a barrier to a better quality of life.

What We Offer

Ambulatory Service

This is designed for those who require some assistance or guidance due to their physical or cognitive disabilities. Service is door-to-door.


we provide a safe, comfortable transport for our wheelchair clients (who may use their own wheelchair or one that we provide for transport). Service is door-to-door.

Other services

we offer other non-emergency medical transportaion services, you can contact us for more information regarding a specific service of chioce

For inquiries regarding any of our services, please feel free to call us at +1(515)447-7314 or send us a message online.
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